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Bobby Lagana Sr.

Hometown – Scarsdale, New York

Team responsibilities – Car Chief – Start car, right side cylinder head removal and assembly. 

 – Bobby Sr. has been involved with racing for over 50 years.  Bobby first started racing in the nitro methane ranks in the early 1970’s; his cars were called the American Challenge.  As the class advanced in technology Bobby kept his cars current and ran as many events as he could.  In the early 1980’s Bobby decided to change the name of his car, on the side of a beautifully Circus custom painted Plymouth Arrow the “Twilight Zone” was born.  In the early 1990’s the IHRA Nitro Funny Car class was dropped in favor of the long stream lined top fuelers.  Bobby bought a used car and started Top Fuel Racing.  Towards the end of the 1990’s Bobby licensed his oldest son Bobby Jr.  and handed over the reins of the family Top Fuel Car.  Bobby’s youngest son Dominick also licensed in the family top fuel car in 2007.  Bobby Sr. is extremely active in his son’s drag racing careers; he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the family team.  In 2010 Bobby Sr. was able to realize a lifelong goal of a Drag Racing Championship as Bobby Jr. finished 2010 on top of the IHRA points.

Bobby Lagana Jr.

Hometown – Scarsdale, New York

Team responsibilities – Driver, computer & car management maintenance, blower removal, clutch maintenance.

 – Bobby Jr. was raised at the racetrack, born in 1978 Bobby was around drag racing from day 1.  Bobby would go with his Mom & Dad to as many races as he could; when he was old enough he started helping his Dad work on their cars.  When Bobby turned 16 his father asked if he wanted to begin getting licensed in the family’s top fuel car.  By the time Bobby was 18 he received his license and was at the time the youngest licensed top fuel driver.  So began a long and exciting career that still has Bobby competing in many different events each year.

Dominick Lagana

Hometown – Scarsdale, New York

Team Responsibilities – Driver, rods & pistons removal & assembly, engine build, supercharger maintenance.

Dominick like his older brother Bobby was raised at the race track.  Dominick began working on the cars also at an early age, and by the time Dominick was 18 he was making some license runs in the family Top Fuel Car.  At the age of 22 Dominick also received his license making that the third Lagana family member to receive their Top Fuel license.

Wesley Weinert

Hometown – Collins, Ohio

Team Responsibilities – Clutch removal & installation, parachute packing.

Wesley was another child of the drag racing atmosphere.  Wesley’s parents work for IHRA and Wesley was around the scene at an early age.  Wesley quickly became good friends with the Lagana team, as Wesley got older he took on more and more car responsibilities.  Wesley has turned into an efficient and reliable clutch guy. 

Bob Szelag

Hometown – Milford, New Jersey

Team Responsibilities – Left side cylinder head removal & installation, cylinder head maintenance, team photographer.

Bob developed a passion for racing at an early age; Bob also had a huge passion for photography.  Bob learned to combine his two interests and made tons of friends at the racetrack.  Bob started hanging with the Lagana team taking pictures for them; he also started training on some of between round maintenance of the car.  Now Bob is a huge asset to the team with his cylinder head & picture taking abilities.


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